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Optimized for QC 3.0
Lock-In-Place Coiling
Durable and Strong
Adjustable Length
Reduces Tripping Incidents
Shape & Reach Hard to Get Charging Spots
Easy Cable Bundling - Snaps tight with other Coilink cables

Simple Innovation, Amazing Benefits

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An amazing cable housing design with non-magnetic, built-in rail and channel latching system. It gently snaps together and locks in place, allowing each cable to stay neatly in a coil. Additionally, several cables can be held tightly together as a perfect cable management solution. An optional securing tab enables mounting of the cable or cables on any flat surface, for example, on a table or along the wall – maintaining them in place where you need them.

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"I really like these cables. Unique design keeps wire neat. The Super 2 in 1 connectors are a great idea."

Ronnie C.


"I’ve had this cable for several months now and as for as charging, it’s wonderful. It charges super fast with a rapid charger. I’ve had other cords that did not give a rapid charge even though they were supposed to with the rapid charger."

Della P.


"Versatile for all types of electronics--down to one cord only!"

Joshua K.

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Looking for a perfect gift for someone special? Available FOR A LIMITED TIME our Newest USB-C to Super 2-in-1 USB Premium Cable is the perfect idea! Power up any iPhone or any Micro B (USB-B) accessories from your latest MacBook with one cable via it's USB-C/Thunderbolt ports . Also compatible with any USB-C Power Delivery (PD) Quick Chargers.

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